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An experienced company that has been growing since 1982

With over 40 years of experience in the sector, we manufacture thixotropic polyurethane gaskets, gaskets for electrical panel and customised made-to-measure gaskets. We are able to meet even the most complex needs.
We believe in the importance of a responsible and alert relationship when it comes to the resources we use, which allow us to ensure a high level of profitability. Our work is based on the principles of honesty and team spirit, not only within the company but also towards the customer.

Our products and services

We are mainly involved in the production of thixotropic polyurethane gaskets, but we also manufacture customised, made-to-measure gaskets and gaskets for electrical panels.Moreover, we carry out glass bonding using a special machine.

Gasket production

With over 15 years of experience in the sector, we manufacture thixotropic polyurethane gaskets for a wide range of application fields and made-to-measure, fully committed to meeting even the most complex needs.
From the choice of materials to the assessment of the mechanical, physical and chemical characteristics: the subject of gaskets is highly diverse and includes different fields of application depending on the needs and type of use. The choice of the right gasket is crucial in order to make the most of its qualities and at the same time to avoid jeopardising the operation of the machine or product to which the gasket is applied. In fact, the material is a decisive factor when it comes to use, as the right choice ensures excellent performance and the mechanical characteristics required for each specific application sector.
Our gasket production is entrusted to qualified and constantly updated personnel, using the most advanced machinery and technologies. Made-to-measure gaskets are produced through the use of moulding presses that cut the rubber according to a computerised drawing indicating the exact dimensions of the gasket itself. This type of processing allows us to obtain a gasket that is flawless in every detail and that will fit the product perfectly in order to ensure total insulation. We are able to manufacture gaskets in a variety of sizes, from the smallest to the thickest. The know-how acquired over many years in the sector allows us to offer the best solutions and made-to-measure gaskets for different types of use.

The production process of the gaskets is fully automated so as to leave no room for error, especially in applications requiring a high degree of precision. The successful outcome of this process affects the quality level of the finished product and ensures a long service life. The gaskets are the result of the processing of a versatile material that can be used in a wide range of applications. Thanks to the properties of thixotropic polyurethane, this type of gaskets ensures perfect adherence as well as excellent insulation over a long time, even in case of temperature changes. The gaskets do their job in hot and cold weather. They are also resistant to UV rays and to exposure to various chemicals. Moreover, they have an extremely long ageing process and are able to maintain their original properties for years. Indeed, the gaskets tend to wear out like all things under stress, but they do so very slowly.

Profiles and gaskets can be employed in a myriad of production sectors, such as aeronautics, mechanical engineering or biotechnology. Thanks to their resistance, they are also reliable under critical conditions and can come into contact with a wide range of materials without contaminating them or being contaminated by them. This makes this type of gasket ideal even in sectors requiring special care, such as the food or pharmaceutical industries.

Our longstanding experience enables us to manufacture customised gaskets, at the customer's request, suited to all kinds of uses and with personalised shapes and sizes. We can supply both single samples and large quantities. In order to carry out the work, we need to receive the part at our premises so as to carry out the processing directly on the product. Our gaskets retain their sealing properties over time, and all the solutions offered by our company are versatile and tailor-made. Moreover, a stringent quality management system guarantees the production of gaskets that perfectly comply with the required specifications, have a long service life and are able to optimally meet the practical functions.
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